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DTF Sheet Sizing

DTF Sheet Sizing

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Discover the practical advantages of Direct-to-Film Transfers:

1. **Precision at its Core:** Achieve meticulous detailing, ensuring your designs are conveyed with clarity and subtlety.

2. **Adaptable to Any Surface:** From textiles to rigid materials, navigate diverse projects seamlessly with this versatile technology.

3. **Consistent, Subdued Colors:** Enjoy a subdued color palette, perfect for projects that require a more understated aesthetic.

4. **Effortless Application:** Save time and effort with a straightforward application process, ensuring a polished and professional outcome.

5. **Reliable Longevity:** Count on enduring prints that withstand washing and wear, maintaining their quality over time.

Experience the practical side of printing with Direct-to-Film Transfers – where functionality meets quality.

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